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Our Mission

Splay Athletics' mission is to revolutionize the footwear industry by making shoes that respect the natural shape and function of the foot—all at an affordable price.

The 3 Essentials Of Healthy Footwear

1. A Wide Anatomic Toe Box

Our shoes are shaped like feet. Shoes with narrow toe boxes can change the shape of the feet, affecting the arches, the knees, and the hips.


2. A Thin Flexible Sole

Our soles are thin so as to provide just a bit of protection. Hard, thick soles cutoff the sensory feedback that the brain craves from the 200,000 nerve endings on the bottom of each foot.


3. A Flat Zero-Drop Sole

Our soles are flat, with no rise in the heel. Raised heels force the body to constantly adjust to maintain balance and can allow the Achilles tendon to shorten.


Straight From The Experts

Splay Athletics has designed a shoe for our children that will allow their feet to grow, and develop by providing a wide toe box, and a thin, flat sole. I have been searching for a shoe like this for our kids. I am thrilled to get a pair of these under my daughter's feet. Plus they're cute, and that counts too.

– Dr. Courtney Conley

You wouldn't put a cast on your kids hands while they are growing, why do it with their feet? Splay Athletics’ shoes are the solution to our modern day foot problems and one I will put my kid’s feet into.

– Dr. David Heitmann

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